Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Autism Awareness Auction! April is Autism Awareness Month!

I want to start this post by explaining why I chose to take part in this auction which is donating it's proceeds to The Autism Society of America.  I have been a long time facebook friend of Kat's Kreations.  Recently the boy of her 17 month old boy/girl twins was diagnosed with severe autism.  Her girl twin will be formally assessed on April 18th.   Kat made the decision to put together an auction in which 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Autism Society of America.   As soon as I saw this, I wanted to help. I quickly began planning what I could donate to the auction.

Now as many of you know, I am a Canadian business, so you may be wondering "What does the Autism Society of America do to benefit Canadians who are affected by autism?"  I was wondering the same thing, so I decided to contact the Autism Society of America. While the Autism Society of America's main goal is to be advocates and help provide services for individuals living within the autism spectrum in the United States, people from other countries also choose to become members of the Autism Society.  The Autism Society of America is a great source of the latest information on research about autism and current issues that affect people living within the autism spectrum.   They send out a quarterly publication to members called the Autism Advocate.  The quarterly magazine offers a diverse collection of the latest issues in autism (e.g., education, environmental health, therapies/interventions, adult issues, caregiving, etc.), Autism Society news, personal perspectives of families and individuals living with autism, and tips from parents and professionals.  A gift of $40 to the Autism Society of America gets you a membership which gives you benefits including access to a community that provides comfort and essential information to families living with autism, and their quarterly publication, Autism Advocate.

This auction will open April 1st and end April 22nd.  This is just in time to kick off Autism Awareness month.  Please, if you can't bid or donate, share this auction for autism awareness!  Do what you can to help.  You will be helping a great cause!

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  1. You are so unbelievably awesome for blogging about this! *HUGE HUGS* ~Kat