Friday, 23 September 2011


Hello! Welcome to my new blog! I think I'll be using this blog mainly for reviews of products that I've tried, and sharing my excitement about great gifts that I've found for friends and family, but we'll see what else pops up! As this is still a very new blog, I will be slowly working on changing the appearance of it, so bare with me while I figure it all out. ;)

The main reason that I decided to start this blog and my new facebook page is because I kept finding all these WAHMs who make things that are totally awesome, and I wanted to share them. Most of my friends however, aren't into the same things that I am, so I decided instead of just posting to my personal facebook page and clogging up my friends newsfeeds that I would create a public page for people who are interested in the same things that I am. Enjoy!

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