Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Ever Sew Clever - Good Things Come in Small Packages!

I went for a walk to pick up the mail this morning, and when I opened up my mail box there was a small package in there waiting for me. I looked at the shipping label, and when I saw what it said I jumped for joy! The bowl covers that I ordered for my MIL for Christmas have arrived!!

As soon as I got home I opened them up to take a look. Of course I immediately had to put them on my mixing bowl set to try them out. Never mind my gorgeous "vintage" table. ;)

The print on these bowl covers is a cotton woven, and the inner lining is made with food safe and water resistant, nylon ripstop. The stitching around the elastic casing is very even and looks very professional.

I'm certain that my MIL is going to love these. They are so much better than the el cheapo, plastic shower cap looking, bowl covers.

Want to get some? Visit Ever Sew Clever's Etsy shop for custom bowl covers, snack bags and more! With nearly 200 fun fabrics to chose from, I know you'll find a print you love!

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